Today many individuals resort to eating fast food, getting takeout, or dining in restaurants because they are too busy to cook or do not enjoy it. However these options are generally unhealthy, expensive, and become banal quickly. On the other hand, there is a growing "foodie" culture, that loves to cook and share their imaginative dishes. Urbanbite is a mobile service that connects these two groups by providing a marketplace for home chefs to sell their creations to individuals.

Brainstorming + Speed Dating

We decided to create an application that made it easier for individuals to eat healthy food. With this focus we brainstormed 50+ ideas. The ideas included github for recipes, delivery service that focuses on vegetarian restaurants, meal recommendations based on quantified self data, etsy for food, and shared grocery orders. In order to get reactions and critical feedback for our ideas, we chose five of the most promising ideas to speed date with relevant stakeholders. These stakeholders included a Whole Foods Marketer, a chef at local health foods restaurant, two "foodies", and several students. The feedback we gathered from the "Etsy for Food" concept was very positive, as individuals were both interested in both selling and buying on the marketplace. Because of this we decided to move forward with this concept. Additionally, the we gathered insights into consumer's general feelings and desires toward food services.


To get even more user feedback on the concept, and to begin designing interactions, we constructed a low fidelity paper prototype. This prototype allowed users to sell food that they had cooked or purchase food that others had made. We performed several rounds of user tests with 10 participants. Two primary issues arose from these tests. First, users were concerned about food safety and lacked trust in the chef. They were unsure if the chef was credible and if their food was safe to eat. Secondly, we received feedback that the process to sell a meal was too complex. Based on this feedback, we addressed usability issues and iterated on our prototype.
User testing our paper prototypes
Customer Journey Map, Value Flow Diagram, and Medium Fidelity Prototypes for Urbanbite

High Fidelity Mockups

After testing our lo-fi prototypes and addressing the issues that arose, we began developing our high fidelity prototypes. This included defining branding, creating a design language, fully designing the user interface, and additional round of user testing. We created an interactive prototype using Marvel to perform these user tests.
Discover dishes that chefs nearby you have made.
View details on a dish and information about the chef. You can also see any of your current or previous orders.

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